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My 10 Favourites from E3 2016

Today marks the end of the biggest week in 2016 gaming announcements, E3. A lot of great upcoming games and features were shown but, in my opinion, the best and most exciting updates came from some of my 10 favourite surprises … Continue reading

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Excuses, excuses!

Here’s a filler post just to let you know what I’ve been up to. I’ve had a lot of fun and met some really great people recently. Surrounding myself with gamers and geeks alike has brought back the vigour for … Continue reading

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Game Dev for Dummies

As a complete and utter noob, I wanted to dip my toe in the metaphorical ocean of programming before I’m pushed in at university. It had to be something fun and rewarding to keep me interested, so I chose a … Continue reading

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My 10 Favourite Surprises of E3

If you hadn’t already worked it out, this week LA is hosting E3: the major hype generator for all things gaming. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get across the pond to attend but I have spent the last few days locked away … Continue reading

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Power Ups for Your Life

There’s often the view that video games are seen as a form of escapism; that they isolate you from your real life by giving you another existence and another world that has no relevance to your own. But TED speaker … Continue reading

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When Life Gives You Lemons… Get Stinking Rich!

The topic of today’s post is a remarkably simple game which is eating its way into my life one minute at a time. In fact, I’m actually watching the progress bars whizz forwards as I type out this post… I … Continue reading

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