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UK Robotics Week (ICYMI)

Whilst the UK’s political landscape may be in turmoil after the effects of Brexit (which I will avoid expressing my opinions on here – you’ve probably heard enough!) it’s of an even greater importance to celebrate our contributions to driving … Continue reading

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I, Robot

After reading Martin Kral’sĀ great post about The Three Laws of Robotics and with a little influence from the Begin Robotics course I have recently finished, I decided it was probably time for me to read some of the great Isaac … Continue reading

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Game Dev for Dummies (Part 2)

Project number 2 of the Complete Unity Developer course was called Text 101. The aim was to create a text based adventure game quite similar to the old Zork or Colossal Cave Adventure. All the text is controlled via script … Continue reading

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Battle of the Boxes: June 2015

Welcome to the Battle of the Boxes 2015. As I mentioned in my last post, this June I had 5 geeky subscription boxes turn up at my door so I can compare the goods and see who comes out on … Continue reading

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