Game Dev for Dummies (Part Four)

Part Four: Laser Defender

There’s been quite a wait between part 3 and part 4 of my Game Dev adventures. I’m learning C programming at university so have put learning C# with Unity to one side for a while. Sadly, that means there is likely to be another gap between this and the next one too. Next is a Plants vs Zombies style game which looks really cool.

This time, we have created a Space Invaders clone called Laser Defender. The player moves a spaceship left and right and fires a laser to take out enemies who move across the screen.

This time, we have delved into:

  • Finding game art from creative commons resources – the sprites in this game are by at Kenney at;
  • Controlling a spaceship with the arrow keys within boundaries set by Mathf.Clamp and being able to adjust movement speed;
  • Creating prefabs for any spaceships and introducing Mecanim animations for their movement;
  • Instantiating enemy lasers randomly and player lasers when fired;
  • Setting up trigger colliders and sorting layers;
  • Adding a star-field with parallax effect using the particle system;
  • Keeping score when enemies are destroyed via script.

I haven’t uploaded the game this time as I know the Unity Player plug-in is no longer supported by most browsers, so here’s a peek at how it looks.


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At 24 years of age, I have finally accepted my inner nerd. It's time to finally tell the world! Electronics student with a love for all things geek and gaming. Grab a cup of tea and let's talk Star Wars.
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