Battle of the Boxes: June 2015

Welcome to the Battle of the Boxes 2015. As I mentioned in my last post, this June I had 5 geeky subscription boxes turn up at my door so I can compare the goods and see who comes out on top. I’ve had My Geek Box, Loot Crate and Nerd Block before and Infinity Crates and Geek Fuel are new to me. Check out the video below for the full unboxing goodness or scroll down for the overview.

(1)My Geek Box: 7/10
Disappointed about the ‘European Exclusive’ Pop! Vinyl rather than fully exclusive.


Favourite Item: Mutant Academy T-Shirt

Least Favourite: Vimto sweets because they’re easily available in all UK shops anyway.

Pros: I love all the box logos and very fast shipping.

Cons: Disappointed that the “My Geek Box Exclusive” only applies to Europe. You can get the exact same one in the US.

2Loot Crate: 9/10
Always amazing!


Favourite Item: Transformer-Tron T-Shirt

Least Favourite: Cyber Pencil Case

Pros: Great competitions, social media presence and the box design always fits the theme. It’s been the longest running sub box and has had numerous labelled exclusives.

Cons: As the most popular sub box, you’ll have to abandon social media to avoid spoilers whilst you’re waiting.

3Nerd Block (Classic): 8/10
Great collection of items to the theme

Favourite Item: Doctor Who Titan figure

Least Favourite: Bendy Mr Bean figure (though I do ♥ Teddy)

Pros: Variety of ‘Block’ types for Horror, Arcade or Comic enthusiasts. Also Nerd Block Jr for kids.

Cons: Coming all the way from Canada, adding the price of shipping to this box makes it too expensive for me to keep up.

5Infinity Crates: 5/10
Not as personalised as I expected

Favourite Item: Yoshi plush toy

Least Favourite: Marvel t-shirt. I do like the Marvel films but as I didn’t have it on my favourites and received this instead of the pokémon one (which I did list), I am slightly disappointed.

Pros: Infinity Crates ask for your favourite movies, TV shows and games to try and personalise the crates based on your interests. A fantastic idea, in theory!

Cons: The website is a little basic, a pain to update new interests and could do with a re-think. I’m also not sure what you’d end up with if you only added obscure interests.

4Geek Fuel: 9.5/10
Possibly my new favourite box. Steam keys in crates is a great idea!

Favourite Item: Jurassic Park/Lost World books by Michael Critchton

Least Favourite: Power Rangers fridge magnet

Pros: Bonus mystery gifts for extra months ordered and it’s really easy to pause or cancel the subscription via the website.
Plus apparently every box has a steam key for a game 🙂

Cons: Geek Fuel was the last box to arrive – almost 2 weeks later than the previous one.

Winner = Geek Fuel

Followed by Loot Crate and Nerd Block.

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At 24 years of age, I have finally accepted my inner nerd. It's time to finally tell the world! Electronics student with a love for all things geek and gaming. Grab a cup of tea and let's talk Star Wars.
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